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Get 4 hours a week back in your schedule by implementing what you have listened to, read, or watched in the Deep Listening Managers Master Class 

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.” ― James Clear  

The Deep Listening Community of Practice Experience is like a Gym Membership to build your listening muscles. 

A gym is more fun when you do it with a friend, that is why you will be sharing this space with other professionals looking to improve their listening.  

You will learn about the research-backed listening barriers and what to do about them. 

It is a VERY interactive way to improve your listening with a group of like-minded professionals. It is like a 90-minute gym session – we are not talking about what you will do at the gym – we are doing the exercises together. 

You explore practical listening issues as we discuss the real world, not theory. 


What can you expect? 

Each month focuses on a deep dive into one of The Five Levels of Listening. We will explain the science and art of this level of listening in a practical and interactive way.  

This is NOT a webinar. Listening is a contact sport.  

There will be a maximum of 4 participants each month. 

  1. Warm Up – You will be welcomed into the room and the exercises we will do during the practice session. You will be asked what you want to achieve in todays session and then we will focus deeply on this issue. 
  2. Practice  We will practice this discussion immediately with you. We will practice as many times as it takes to make you comfortable to immediately implement what you have learned.  
  3. Cool Down  Debrief on what you learned during the practice individually and what you noticed when listening to other conversations. 

Register for your preferred Community of Practice  

Thursday 11th February 8am

Thursday 11th February 4pm

All times are in displayed in Australian Eastern Standard Daylight Savings Time. 

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What others say

Often described as ‘changing the state of the room’, Oscar brings a presence to his events that sets the tone and creates a wonderful atmosphere that lights the room with warmth and reflectiveness.  

“If you want to do an event that has people more curious, more empathetic, more attuned to the deeper messages and not just rushing from superficial quick tips but really asking the deep questions, bring Oscar into the mix. 

~ Dr. Jason Fox 

 “It’s a rare skill to hold the attention of our whole organisation after a full day of training. Oscar captivated, educated and challenged us.” 

~ Robin Tang, Brother Australia Limited 

 Oscar gave us the ammunition of deep listening to take back into the workplace. Oscar provides inspiration, clarity and definitely an element of difference.”  

~ Debbie Ireland, Managing Director, ShareThePoint Ltd. 

 “Oscar was thoroughly entertaining and engaging. We were engrossed and left feeling illuminated with a whole new level of awareness for us and our customers.”  

~ Eileen Puse, Qualtrics Asia Pacific & Japan