Discover your Listening Villain

Day 13 of 90 Days Of Listening

#NinetyDaysOfListening Meaning Deep Listening is helping the speaker make sense of what they are thinking Your role as a listener is to help the speaker notice what they mean, not what they say What does this mean for you? Discover your listening barriers...

Day 12 of 90 Days Of Listening

#NinetyDaysOfListening Intention – Your intention is three dimensional Your intention, their intention and the intention for the discussion How will you notice your original intention during the discussion? Discover your listening barriers

Day 11 of 90 Days Of Listening

#NinetyDaysOfListening Pace Discussions have their own pace creating a unique beat The beat should be aligned to the outcome of the discussion Is this discussion in harmony with the beat?     Discover your listening barriers

Day 10 of 90 Days Of Listening

#NinetyDaysOfListening Voice The Voice is 3 dimensional generated from larynx, lungs and tongue. Listen to where their voice starts inside and where it ends outside their body Can I listen deeply enough to notice their vocal range?   Discover your listening...

Day 09 of 90 Days Of Listening

#NinetyDaysOfListening Words Discussions start with words and finish with meaning Words are one of the ingredients, not ALL the ingredients Am I only listening to their words? Discover your listening barriers #activelistening #deeplistening...

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