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Breakthroughs Oscar Trimboli SmallHow to Confront Assumptions

“My husband read your book – actually stole it from me. He loved it. He went for a job interview and got his dream job. Very happy husband and wife”

  • Are you struggling to inspire and lead your organisation?
  • Do you find that you can’t get the traction you need to achieve impactful results for yourself and others?
  • Are you running up against brick walls in your interactions with others?

In this, Breakthroughs, Oscar Trimboli shares his insights about how our thinking creates our reality. With a focus on assumptions, perspective and gaining clarity, this book motivates the reader to find alignment – personally, for your team, your organisation and the world around you. 


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About Breakthroughs

Clarity creates change. Communication, when clear and consistently explained, will cut through and create lasting change.

Are you achieving the results that you wish for? Finding your high performance state is often about clearing the fog of assumptions to gain greater clarity, for you and others.

Throughout this book, you will explore how to quickly become aware of your assumptions and understand whether they are serving you or holding you back.

Whether you view the world through a microscope or a telescope, you will learn which tool will be most effective in your situation.

These techniques allow you to explore your view of the world with the right amount of focus to bring about the change you want for you and others.

Along the journey, you will discover key tipping points by recognising where your assumptions, your alignment and your perspective emerge, converge and diverge.


“After reading this book, you will never think the same way again. Oscar’s deconstruction of natural human thought patterns is fascinating and enlightening. This coupled with powerful techniques and suggestions to harness this her level mindfulness to bring out the best in you and others.”

“My husband read your book – actually stole it from me. He loved it. He went for a job interview and got his dream job. Very happy husband and wife”

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was a great reminder that we come to every situation with many assumptions about ourselves and others and the world we live in.”

“This is a really easy read with lots of practical simple ideas we can implement to increase awareness and create change.
Now to try cleaning my teeth with my left hand and putting my left shoe on first! ”

“Thank you so much for the book. I am half way through it and its challenging the way I think”

“There were great ” take aways’ in every single chapter of this book. It is really interesting to think about language and mindset and in particular about about the concept “progression verus perfection” in learning and relating to the world.”

“I found it incredibly valuable to think about looking at life through a macro or micro lens and deciding which is most suited to any situation. This is a must read book. You won’t be disappointed.”

“Read Breakthroughs and you will never look at a toothbrush the same way again. Oscar demonstrates how simple day-to-day activities have the power to build awareness within ourselves to reveal unconscious bias.”

“This was a great read . It is easily accessible to everybody! Every chapter has pearls of wisdom in it. I really like the idea of looking the through a micro and macro lens depending on the situation you are dealing with. I have to say there is so much in this book that has given me food for thought!”


$29.95 AUD hard copy + postage | $7.90 USD Amazon | $15.99 AUD iTunes | $11.54 AUD Kobo

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