Deep Listening Book

What is poor listening costing you, your team, your organisation and your impact?

“Listening, unlike other senses is necessarily collaborative, an act of sharing and so a powerful means to create and reach materially different and more ambitious outcomes than those allowed simply by staying within our own thoughts. Oscar doesn’t allow us to blame chatter and endless noise as reasons behind our choosing not to listen. He simply reminds us how and why and what might happen when we do listen. “
John Keith – Managing Director – Head of Financial Institutional Coverage at BNP Paribas

Do you rush from meeting to meeting, your head buried in the last conversation you had, without time to think of the next?

Or feel frustrated with unproductive discussions where the loudest in the room adds limited insight and drowns out everyone else?

Have you ever worked furiously on a project, only to find out you have delivered something that didn’t meet your client’s needs?

We often think of these situations as communication problems; that we have not spoken our needs correctly or clearly. Yet, conflict, chaos and confusion such as these are the costs of not listening.

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Deep Listening: Impact Beyond Words – playing cards set

This card game will help individuals and teams learn to listen deeply and make an impact beyond words.

You can use the cards in three ways:

  1. improving your individual skills as a listener
  2. playing with one other person to practise your listening skills
  3. using the cards in a group or training session to enhance everyone’s listening

You’ll be taken through the 5 levels of listening, with a concept, explanation, tip and question to explore for each.

Includes instructions.

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Deep Listening: Impact Beyond Words – book & playing cards bundle

For maximum impact, invest in the book and playing cards bundle.

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It’s likely you have been trained to ask the right questions of your clients, customers, patients or people, but you don’t know how to listen to the answers.

Many other communication and listening books say the most important person in a conversation is the speaker – not true! This book will show you how to listen beyond the words that are spoken, to add context and meaning and listen in to what’s not being said.

You’ll learn to reconnect with your innate gift of deep listening.

This book will give you the tools and techniques to:

  • create the right space to listen to yourself first, before you try and listen to anyone else
  • understand and use the 125–400 Rule to facilitate powerful two-way dialogue
  • improve meetings, conversations, briefings and consultations because you can listen deeply
  • use 5 Levels of Listening to maximise the impact of every conversation you have everyday.

Deep Listening will help you move from confusion and conflict to thoughtful, insightful and powerful discussions that will transform not just your work, but your whole life.

Miscommunication costs our organisations millions of dollars in mistakes and wasted time, and individuals their health due to anxiety and stress – “Am I doing the right thing?“. It can create a culture of mistrust and increase conflict between team members.

Praise for Deep Listening

“It’s a tantalising concept to be able to turn off the distracting chatter we carry in our brains and allow ourselves to practice deep listening. Oscar eloquently outlines strategies to manage the struggle between feeling like we should be leading when we would achieve more from listening. Relevant, practical and insightful – it will make you reconsider what listening actually is.”
Lyndall Spooner – Managing Director at 5th Dimension


“Oscar has identified the critical skill executives need to lead effectively but which is often forgotten in a world where our attention span is defined by 140 characters. Deep listening creates trust and authentic action for leaders at all levels and is crucial to the development and retention of talent. This is a highly valuable book.”
Martin Mackay – President Asia Pacific at CA Technologies


“Really listening to yourself and being good at listening to others is a vital skill and attribute in fast changing times. Unless people around you feel they have been heard, they won’t fully embrace your ideas and the change you want to bring about. Oscar’s book brings clear focus and helpful tips to a subject that all of us can learn about and improve in our work and personal lives.”
Steve Vamos – Chairman & Non Executive Director at Divvy, Fletcher Building & Telstra


“Oscar works with a number of TAL executives. Through a trusted relationship he enables executives to be better leaders inside and outside the office. Oscar helps our leaders understand that effective leadership which people will follow and be motivated by is defined not by what you say but how you listen.”
Brett Clark – Managing Director at TAL Limited


“The lost art of listening is coming to the fore. Oscar identifies the behaviours we all need to practice to be effective communicators, leaders and influencers.”
Dominic Price – Head of R&D and Work Futurist at Atlassian


“A key factor in achieving employee engagement is the ability to engage other people in conversation. That requires excellent listening skills, and Oscar manages to get around all critical aspects of this in Deep Listening. If you are too busy to listen, or are working with people who are, then this book can help you. I say that because it helped me.”
Cai Kjaer – CEO at SWOOP Analytics


“Oscar is a deep thinker who takes the concept of deep listening to the next level. If you believe that we were born with 2 ears and one mouth and should use them proportionately then this book is for you as it breaks new territory in the art of deep listening”
Clifford Rosenberg – Managing Director at LinkedIn Australia New Zealand South East Asia 2009-2017


“In a world of diminishing attention spans from information overload, Oscar highlights the destructive impact of poor listening. His book is a critical tool that empowers us all as business executives to be more productive, better decision makers and develop more respectful relationships when we master the skill of deep listening. And it’s all within our own control.”
Warren Billington – Managing Director ANZ & South East Asia at Signal


“Oscar has a hit a nerve for me in this book. Listening skills has been a constant battle over the years. This book is a deeper and thoughtful exploration of this important topic. Working on mastering this is so fundamental to everything we do and is now more important than ever that we get it right with the levels conflict and misunderstanding we see in our World today.”
Shaun Wormald – Vice President Marketing and Sales Support – West Corporation


“We all know that we live in faster paced, incredibly connected and more ambiguous times. To thrive in this environment, we need to cut through the noise, be more adaptive and identify insights more effectively than before. Oscar Trimboli supplies simple, easy to implement approaches to help gain more from each interaction, open our minds to diverse perspectives and be more productive.
James Rutherford – Head of Leadership Practice at Aon Hewitt


“In this busy world that is full of distractions, Oscar has identified the critical skill of deep listening to enable effective leadership. The need to create space in our own minds to listen, as well as exploring what hasn’t been said in a discussion, are two key elements that are critical in creating an environment of trust, and enabling development. This is a highly practical book, which will make a positive difference in how you engage with others.”
Adele Keating – Head of HR, Supply & Manufacturing at AstraZeneca

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