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You spend 55% of your day listening, yet only 2% of us have been trained in how to listen. This is the reason I have written – Deep Listening – Impact beyond words.

Deep Listening: Impact Beyond Words will give you the tools and techniques to: 

  • Create the right space to listen to yourself first, before you try and listen to anyone else
  • Understand and use the 125–400 Rule to facilitate powerful two-way dialogue
  • Improve meetings, conversations, briefings and consultations because you can listen deeply
  • Use 5 Levels of Listening to maximise the impact of every conversation you have everyday. 

This week Oscar delivered an inspiring and eye opening session for me and my colleagues during our Sydney event. this experience is highly recommended for any self-aware individuals to help identify where else you can challenge yourself every day. We all tend to think we know it all , and then we meet Oscar…Tamara Bobrovnych at Microsoft  

Listening isn’t only something you can think about it is something to take the time to practice. Learn in the Deep Listening Podcast from a series of listening experts including people who have to listen in the workplace as well as a range of personal listeners such as foreign language interpreters and deaf language interpreters. People who listen to our podcast find it very practical and helpful in moving from an unconscious to a deep listener.  

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Listen to Lyndall Spooner, explaining the impact of the book on her organisation

by Lyndall Spooner, MD at 5th Dimension

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