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In November 2007, my wife Jennie lent me a book “Leaving Microsoft to Change the World” by John Wood. Since then I have had the opportunity to work with John as part of the Sydney Room To Read Chapter and see John Wood speak at many events and I have come to admire what, how and why he believes “World change starts with educated children.”

I read John’s book in a week and although I was working at Microsoft at the time I realised that I couldn’t leave Microsoft.

The book did challenge me to think about the gift of education in my life and the opportunities that reading had opened to me.

I became involved in the initial Sydney Room To Read Chapter in 2008 and then in 2009 my wife and I organised a trek to Nepal and with a group of 6 other passionate hikers, and we raised enough money for a library in Nepal.

We were lucky enough to visit a Room To Read school in the hills of Annapurna on our trip and the impact of that visit changed my view of the world.

Through an interpreter, I asked the school principal what’s been the biggest impact of reading and books with her students. Her answer was totally unexpected, “The children bring their parents to the library on the weekend to teach them how to read.”

The principal’s answer surprised me and as a result, I continued to make sure that Room To Read’s mission “World change starts with educated children” and so continue to support.

I love being part of Room To Read’s mission because John has created a sustainable business model where local villagers contribute towards their own libraries ensuring ongoing success because they are part of their our solution.

I love that Room To Read measure and track success for their investors (not donors), the schools, the libraries, the teachers and the students.

I love what they do because Room To Read is creating an important legacy for today and tomorrow through the gift of reading for students, teachers and their local communities and as a result the world

I invest 3% of my revenue to Room To Read because they don’t talk about change, they make change happen. They have a bias for action.

Room To Read is changing the world for the better every day because world change starts with educated children.

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