Can Too

Why do I donate 3% of my revenue to Can Too?

During 2008, my Mum and Dad were diagnosed with breast and prostate cancer respectively. Thanks to past fund raisers and cancer researchers, my parents made a complete recovery. I realised I needed to do something more than be an encouraging son and drive them to their treatments.

On June 18th, 2008 I met 10 complete strangers in the car park of Macquarie University Sports fields on a windy winter night as participant in Can Too. The most running I had done prior to this had been 23 years earlier. I was anxious, nervous and concerned if I was able to run 1km.

14 weeks later I completed my first ½ marathon successfully and the 10 strangers became lifelong friends through sharing the highs and lows of training together on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings.

I have now completed over 40 ½ marathons, 4 marathons and I have even conquered one of my biggest fears and completed a 2km ocean swim. I have been a participant, a mentor and team captain as part of Can Too and raise over $25,000 for young Australian Cancer Curers.

Since 2005, Can Too has trained over 10,000 people to run, swim and triathlon with a proven training and support program with professional coaches, enthusiastic and inspiring team captains and mentors to raise in excess for $15 million to fund young Australian researchers to cure cancer.

I love being part of Can Too as a participant because they have created a sustainable culture to help others.

I love that they measure and track success for participants and researchers.

I love what they do because Can Too is making a high impact and keeping gifted young researchers in Australia.

I donate 3% of my revenue to Can Too because they make a high impact curing cancer, not just researching it.

Can Too is a about fun, fitness, friends and fundraising. To learn more about Can Too, I invite you to visit their website.