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how to listen – workplace edition

how to listen – discover the hidden key to better communication – workplace edition

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Your schedule is packed with back-to-back meetings. In fact, some parts of your calendar are double booked. 

You want to make a more significant impact in less time. If you want to gain Four Hours each week back in your schedule, this program is for you.

You are a busy workplace professional who understands communication balances speaking and listening. In the 2nd decade of your career, you have been on multiple speaking training programs, yet you spend as much time listening as speaking without understanding how to listen.


  • You are a team leader reacting to the next meeting and wanting to increase your effectiveness, not just your efficiency.
  • You lead a significant project in your organization. You notice issues including on-time, quality, and on-budget delivery when most work-in-progress, scrums, or standups are not making progress.
  • You lead a critical product or service launch or release in your organization, and everyone is pulling in different directions. It is tiring to be the center of the issues and expected solutions.


In short: it’s about how you listen.

And despite the fact that leaders typically spend upwards of eighty percent of their day listening, only two percent of them have ever had training in how to listen effectively.

At a time when we are more technologically linked than ever, our conversations have never been more fractured and disconnected—because most don’t know how to truly listen.

The result?

You constantly fight to be “heard” over all the noise and distraction.


You are tired of repeating yourself over and over again. At work and home, conversations leave you feeling drained.

In How to Listen, Oscar Trimboli, host of the Apple-award-winning podcast Deep Listening, shows you how to unlock your listening superpowers to have more impactful conversations at work and home.

Through stories, exercises, and tips, Trimboli shares invaluable insights to help you notice when you aren’t listening—and what to do about it.

As you develop your listening skills, you’ll not only reduce the conflict, and confusion in your life, you’ll spend less time in conversations because you’ll be paying attention to what matters.

When you master the art of listening, you’ll master the art of communication—and create more powerful connections in all facets of your life.


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