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International Coach Federation

The International Coach Federation (ICF) seeks to Advance the Art, Science and Practice of Professional Coaching.


The values of the ICF are

  1. Integrity: We uphold the highest standards both for the coaching profession and our organisation.
  2. Excellence: We set and demonstrate standards of excellence for professional coaching quality, qualification and competence
  3. Collaboration: We value the social connection and community building that occurs through collaborative partnership and co-created achievement.
  4. Respect: We are inclusive and value the diversity and richness of our global stakeholders.  We put people first, without compromising standards, policies and quality.


I am bound by the ICF code of ethics which specifies my professional conduct, how I address conflicts of interest and how I deal with confidentiality and privacy.


As part of my ongoing professional development and training towards my ICF certifications I have undertaken over 100 hours of coach specific training, over 300 hours of coaching, completed written performance assessments, examinations and undertake going coaching supervision with an ICF accredited coaching supervisor.

Let’s work together to achieve impact for you and your organisation.