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Listening Assessment Complete and Next Steps

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 You have taken the next step towards improving your workplace communication capabilities through Deep Listening.

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Inside your report, you will discover,

  • Your primary and secondary workplace listening barriers
  • Tailored tips and techniques that are practical and pragmatic you can apply immediately in your workplace.
  • Access to additional resources, including articles, books, courses, practice cards, podcast episodes, videos and webinars.

 The difference between hearing and listening is taking action.

Implementing the action plan in your report will help you improve and, as a result,

  • Listening will take less effort and energy.
  • You will hear things you have missed in the past.
  • You will have fewer meetings.
  • The meetings you have will become shorter.
  • Your approach to communication will be more flexible.
  • Your work will have a more significant impact within your teams, across and beyond your organization.

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