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​​​Welcome to the Deep Listening Ambassadors Community​​

I am thrilled that you have decided to join the Deep Listening Ambassadors Community.

The purpose of the Deep Listening Ambassadors Community is to create 100 Million Deep Listeners in the World.

I would like to share some resources with you to commence this journey

  1. The Apple-award winning podcast Deep Listening 
  2. Join the Deep Listening Ambassadors Community – Access exclusive additional resources including
  • Regular online community meetings to increase your listening capacity and live practice sessions
  • Meet other like-minded workplace listening professionals from across the world and around the corner
  • Monthly Ask Me Anything conversations where we explore real-time, specific workplace listening challenges eg video conference listening
  1. Ambassador spotlight – learn from peers around the world and in different workplaces and industries how they are role modeling deep listening
  2. Quarterly book club – we read, share and reflect on a range of books that support listening in the workplace.

Thanks for listening