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An Apple award winning podcast series to help understand how to have a bigger impact by listening more deeply




55% of your day is spent listening, yet only 2% of people have had any formal training in listening. Most listening literature is focussed on how to listen better by being completely focused on the speaker. This is useful but a more effective and impactful way exists. This podcast is about explaining how to listen better.

The 125/400 Rule explains how you can be four times more impactful in your discussions. You speak at 125 words per minute and you can listen at over 400 words per minute so what do you do with the gap. If you know about the gap, you can master the gap between them speaking and you listening therefore improving your listening capacity.

This podcast is a practical way for people to listen to other listening professionals to understand listening through multiple contrasting perspectives on the topic.

The format of the podcast is designed to take the audience through the 5 Levels of Listening and communicate tips and techniques that the audience can apply to their daily listening life.

The podcast series will be an interview format between 15 to 50 minutes.

A range of listening professionals will be interviewed including Aboriginal Elders, Anthropologists, Conductors, DJs, Journalists, Judges, Life Line Counsellors, Meditators, Submarine Sonar Operators, Sound Engineers, Stenographers, Teachers, Triple Zero and 911 Operators, Visual Scribes, Wildlife Landscape Listeners and many others.

Next steps

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Preparing for the interview

Audiences learn best from stories about the topic. The stories can be about you or someone else or about specific situations. Collect as many stories about your expertise as they relate to the 5 levels of listening as it relates to you and the stories.
Please provide a high-resolution photo of yourself which will be published with your interview.

To help find a time that fits well with your busy schedule, interviews will be conducted and recorded via telephone or via the internet. Your recording will take between 30- 60 minutes to complete.

All recordings and transcripts will be sent to you for your written and explicit approval prior to publishing.

All recordings will be transcribed and published as audio recordings – podcasts via Apple iTunes, Sound Cloud, Stitcher and via
The published interviews would range between 15 to 60 minutes. They may include other listening experts which provide a contrast to your approach.

Format of the interview

  1. What frustrates you when other people don’t listen to you?
  2. What do you struggle with when it comes to your listening?
  3. What is the cost of NOT listening for you, for others, for teams, organisations, systems and ecosystems?
  4. From here, we will start to explore your stories and your expertise


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