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Dramatic Listener

The Dramatic Listening Villain is

the misguided entertainer – storyteller – constant chatterbox.


You have a natural flair for drama and emotion, and will tend to explore every element of a discussion.


Rather than helping the speaker to progress, you are prone to get stuck in the detail, dissecting historical events and patterns that have led you to the discussion.

You can be so engrossed and engaged in the story that you become completely preoccupied with the theatre of the drama, rather than the importance of what’s being said, and what the other person wants to discuss.


The Dramatic Listenering Villain is fascinated by the drama, theatre and emotion of the conversation. Your greatest impediment to listening is when you don’t stop exploring for drama and give the opportunity for others to say what is important to them.

Your challenge is to work out how to make it more about the other person.


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