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Lost Listener

The Lost Listening Villain is

Distracted daydreamer – here but somewhere else – too many pots on the boil


You’re in your own mind a lot of the time rather than actively participating in the conversation.

You are too absorbed with your self-talk and busy thoughts that you don’t create enough space for the dialogue.


Lost Listeners are distracted in their own heads – by their own internal chatter, as well as what’s around them.


Your mind and memory are full, and your brain is not available to listen. This state of distraction means you are not performing at your best.


Your challenge is to bring your full attention to THE discussion.


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  1. A complete and thorough explanation of Your Primary and Secondary Listening Villain which includes each characteristic, listening from your perspective, and what do others see, hear, and feel while you are listening to them
  2. A personalized Three-Point action you can apply immediately in your next discussion
  3. Access to the Deep Listening Challenge to help you sustain the change beyond the next conversation


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**A word of caution – you are NOT your Villain – this is how you listen under pressure