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Shrewd Listening Villain

The Shrewd Listening Villain is


Savvy thinker – fixing fixated – three steps ahead of the wrong problem.


Shrewd Listeners are obsessed with solutions rather than listening.

You are too busy trying to solve the issue before you have properly listened to the situation and explanation

Shrewd Listeners might be shrewd enough to wait patiently and not interrupt the speaker, but

by anticipating the future, trying to solve the problem before you’ve heard it or understood

it all, you have forgotten to be present and to listen completely.


Thinking ahead is a good use of your powerful mind. Use your expertise to get the speaker to fully explore their current problem, rather than exploring the next problem.

Your challenge is to stop being a doctor, diagnosing an illness that your patient doesn’t have.

If you would like to receive a tailored 5-page report including a complete description and evidence-backed action plan;

  1. A complete and thorough explanation of Your Primary and Secondary Listening Villain which includes each characteristic, listening from your perspective, and what do others see, hear, and feel while you are listening to them
  2. A personalized Three-Point action you can apply immediately in your next discussion
  3. Access to the Deep Listening Challenge to help you sustain the change beyond the next conversation


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**A word of caution – you are NOT your Villain – this is how you listen under pressure