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Deep Listening Community of Practice

You are a leader in an organisation that is tasked with solving complex problems, through creativity and collaboration. When done well the results are transformational. Yet, the in the modern workplace it can be confusing, leading to conflict and chaos.  

There is a significant commercial cost when you don’t listen: 

  • Lost customers 
  • Lost staff 
  • Unexpected investigations by the governments, media or regulators  

Are you:  

  • stuck in back to back meetings 
  • firefighting issues from your manager 
  • never seem to have time to make progress 
  • my team are constantly escalating issues each day 
  • my team complains about their priorities 
  • my team meetings are not an effective use of everyone’s time 
  • my team’s projects are constantly running late 
  • frustrated about other parts of our business 
  • worried that I could be getting more from the team 

Despite decades of investment in training people on how to speak effectively, it’s a lack of effective listening that’s at the core of all these issues. 

You spend at least half your day listening, yet only 2% of people have been taught how to listen. 

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In the Deep Listening Community of Practice, you will 

  • Understand your current listening capability 
  • Focus your listening where it matters 
  • This will ensure an impact beyond words 

 When you implement the strategies, and the tips and tactics that you’ll hear, you will get four hours a week back in your schedule. I wonder what you could do with an extra four hours a week. 

 What is the Deep Listening Community of Practice? 

The Deep Listening Community of Practice Experience is like a Gym Membership to build your listening muscles. 

A gym is more fun when you do it with a friend, that is why you will be sharing this space with 6-8 other professionals looking to improve their listening. 

You will learn about the research-backed listening barriers and what to do about them. 

It is a VERY interactive way to improve your listening with a group of like-minded professionals. It is like a 55-minute gym session – we are not talking about what you will do at the gym – we are doing the exercises together. 

You can explore practical listening issues as we discuss the real world, not theory. 

Like any good gym you need to do your assessment before you start – visit to take your listening assessment. 

Who else will be participating? 

The Community of Practice participants are leaders in their workplaces across a range of industries from all parts of the world. They all have in common, a desire and a need to improve their listening in the workplace. 

How is the 55 minutes structured? 

The Community of Practice is about practical workplace listening. Each session follows research backed adult learning theory, with leader and peer based interactive discussions around real world listening issues. 

You will be speaking and listening in groups of 3 for at least 50% of the time. 

The framework  

  • Assessment  
  • Learning 
  • Application 
  • Reflection

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How does the group come together? 

Using online learning spaces and break out rooms of 3 people, you will need a webcam, a microphone and a space where you can concentrate on what someone else is saying. 

How frequently does this group meet? 

Times are offered around the following time zones once each month 

  • Americas 
  • Asia 
  • Africa and Europe 

What this Deep Listening Community of Practice is not? 

  • This is not a webinar, a passive broadcast of information 
  • This is not an environment where one voice or perspective dominates 
  • This is not a meditation group 
  • This is not a therapy group 

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