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the hidden clues when you listen well in low trust group meetings

Deep Listening Masterclass – IMMEDIATE LEARNER

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Who is this Programme for?

  • This Programme is for managers and leaders in the workplace who are stuck in back to back meetings and are trying to figure out how to get time back in their schedule.
  • This Programme is for managers and leaders who want to increase their impact at work through others.
  • This Programme is for managers and leaders who want to be their best each day at work.

What is the Programme experience like?

  1. Assessment – You start by understanding your baseline listening barriers – you will take the 7-minute Listening Quiz and then you will receive a tailored action plan based on your listening behaviours.
  2. Understanding – You have access to a flexible set of resources aligned to the planning and budgeting, implementation and review processes in your workplace. Specifically, the Programme is aligned to the 9 meetings during the year. The Programme allows you to consume the content in bite-size chunks. For the 9 meetings, you can access the 4-minute Informal Meeting with the longest chunk being 7 minutes and 30 seconds for The Planning Meeting
  3. Application – This Programme is designed to get 4 hours a week back in your schedule. This Programme has been designed to help you change your listening behaviours to make you the most productive and impactful leader in your workplace.
  • 90-day Deep Listening Challenge –13 weekly short reminders of the principles of Deep Listening
  • Monthly Community of Practice  – An online workout where you can practice and improve your listening skills each month in a very inactive forum. Themed around the Programme content, the Community of Practice allows you access, practice and real-time feedback on your deeper listening
  • Access to 7-hour master class  – 8 modules on the Five Levels of Listening to help you fully understand what it takes to make an impact beyond words

How much time does it take?

The Programme is designed for a busy leader in mind.

As a seasoned leader, you know learning isn’t a rigid linear pathway. You can access the Programme the way you want. This means you can access small chunks of the curriculum and master class when you need it.

Some of our leaders have seen a return on their investment within 2 hours of accessing the Programme.

If you want to get three top tips before you go to the budget meeting for the year, just jump into the 7-minute module and get the tips.

We know leaders learn differently and our design ensures this takes the shortest amount of time to get a return on your investment.

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