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Lost Listening Villain

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Congratulations on completing the listening quiz and understanding what is getting in your way as a Lost Listening Villain.

There is a big difference between knowing and doing, between becoming aware of your listening barriers and what to do about it.

With over 17,000 people completing the quiz, the 90-day listening challenge, and thousands of online and face-to-face workshops, we understand how to help you move from a Lost Listening Villain to a Deep Listening Hero.

We know using this report and the personalized action steps included you will get more time back in your day because the quality of your conversations at work will improve by increasing your retention, hearing what matters rather than just what they said the first time, and creating a meaningful connection while listening to the speaker or a group.


What do you get?

  1. More time back in your workplace calendar – past participants have reported they get up to 4-hours a week back because they are having higher quality discussions about what matters.
  2. Shorter meetings because you understand which questions make the most difference.
  3. Less time wasted due to repeating communications or having to re-work a project or a work output because of misunderstandings.
  4. Improved workplace relationships because the friction in communications is significantly reduced.


What’s inside

  1. A comprehensive 5-page report tailored to your responses to the Listening Quiz.
  2. A detailed explanation of your Primary listening barriers from your perspective and the speaker’s perspective.
  3. Three tailored actions, and practical and pragmatic tips to help you dramatically improve your listening. For example; When you notice you are listening for comparison, change your listening orientation and ask yourself this question: could I pause right now, and be silent rather than speaking?
  4. A detailed explanation of your Second listening barrier from your perspective and the speaker’s perspective, with a specific tip to help you make progress.
  5. A tailored range of listening resources to help you make daily people for the next 30 days including audio, video, and group activities.


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