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Thanks for taking the time to invest in your listening capability.​ 

The Deep Listening Quiz​ will help you identify your Listening Villains, and provide you with a personalised 3 Step Action Plan to improve your listening capability.  You will also receive access to the 90 Day Deep Listening Challenge to help you create a habit that will sustain you for the rest of your life​.

The quiz is designed to explore your listening in the workplace – in organisational and business situations. It takes around 7 minutes to complete.​

Once you register, you will be emailed a unique key to access your assessment and ensure no one else can access your results.​

Why complete the Listening Quiz?

Consider this:

  • Everyone can see in colour, yet we all listen in monochrome.​
  • You spend 55% of your day listening, yet only 2% of people know how to listen.​
  • The Cost of Not Listening is confusion, conflict and chaos.​

When you complete this assessment and implement the action plan, you will get 4 hours a week back in your schedule!

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