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This course is designed for managers, leaders and executives who want to get 4 hours per week back in their schedule.

The Managers Master Class has been created to improve your listening in your most common meetings in the workplace and follows you through a typical year in the office.

The Managers Master Class will provide a detailed, thorough and timely way to hack your listening to make a bigger impact in your workplace.

We provide books, learning sprints, podcasts, playing cards, videos, webinars and worksheets to increase your impact across

  • 1:1, team, peer and manager meetings
  • Planning, review and restructure meetings
  • Performance and progress, Professional Development and recruitment meetings

More Resources

Deep Listening Whitepaper

Uncover the foundations of Deep Listening and learn how to create an impact beyond words.


The theory behind Deep Listening is backed by research and insights gleaned over years working with corporations and survey data.

Villains of Listening Quiz

This complementary listening quiz is backed by research to help you uncover your listening villain then offer tips on how you can address your blindspots that may be holding back your listening.

Take the 90 Day Deep Listening Challenge

Are you ready to take the 90 day listening challenge? In this complementary challenge, each week for 13 weeks you will receive tips, techniques and exercises to improve your listening.