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With over 100 episode, here are some recommendations about how to listen to the Apple Award Winning Podcast – Deep Listening – Impact beyond words

Podcast Episode 052: The Five Levels of Listening – The big picture

Listen: to yourself, for the content, for the context, to the unsaid, to meaning. These are the Five Levels of Listening.

In this episode Oscar and Nell go through each of the five levels, explaining how they work individually, and as a whole, and how to move from one to the next. Hear real stories about each level, how it fits together in the research, and flashbacks from previous podcast interviews.  Listen out for the practical tips for each level and discover where you are at on the journey to Deep Listening.

Podcast Episode 068: The Four Villains of Listening

Meet the Four Villains of Listening: Dramatic, Interrupting, Lost and Shrewd.

Which of the listening villains are you? Once you know, you can’t forget it. 86% of people think they are an above-average listener. So rather than thinking about how to listen better, it can be more helpful to notice what bad listening looks like.

Each of these villains embodies particular bad habits we fall into, which completely derail our listening. Learn about the ways the villains show up, and tips to combat them. Once you know your listening villains, you know what’s getting in your way to becoming a deep listener. Take the Listening Quiz

Podcast Episode 100: Five ways to listen better at work

In this episode, you’ll get to deconstruct how I listen to the guests. I’ve interviewed over the past 100 episodes. If time allows after the interview has formally concluded, I have a simple and consistent habit where I ask the guests, just one question – What did you notice about my listening?

You’ll hear reflections of 11 people and their perspectives on how I was listening to them. You’ll notice some very, very consistent themes. And yet you’ll notice some subtle variations as well. You’ll hear from six females, five males from deaf and blind people you’ll hear from people whose first language is English and you’ll hear from people whose home language isn’t English.

Podcast Episode 101: The Ultimate Guide to Listening in a Video Conference Part 1 of 3

Being a Meeting Host is a unique responsibility. You are expected to create an environment where every participant is engaged and contributing throughout the Video Conference.

As the Host, you are accountable for maximizing the impact of participants, the agenda, and the meeting outcome while juggling with limited connectivity, fragmented attention spans, and participants who might be holding back what they think because of the meeting format.

how to listen – discover the hidden key to better communication – the most comprehensive book about listening in the workplace

In this episode, I invite you to explore how to listen: discover the hidden key to better communication, the most comprehensive book about listening in the workplace.

It’s now available as an audiobook and eBook and paperback in partnership with Page Two, Macmillan Publishing, Twin Flames Studio, and Kelly Irving. 

How to Listen is now available in 23 countries for you to buy, and if you’ve already bought a copy, thank you.