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The Ultimate Guide to Listening during a Video Conference 

The Ultimate Guide to Listening during a Video Conference 

Many of our community of practice members, readers and listeners have asked me to create a guide for listening during video conferences. They explained their struggles with attention, focus, interruption and fatigue. 

The guide focuses on three meeting formats 

  • Intimate Meetings – You and one other person 
  • Interactive Meetings – 3 to 15 people – team meetings, work in progress meetings, decision meetings, executive and board meeting 
  • Broadcast Meetings – 20+ people with limited interaction with the presenter(s) 

There are two orientations 

  • Participant – when a host has invited you, and you need to maintain your listening 
  • Host – when you invite participants and how to create a listening environment and culture 

The guide will help you understand what to do before, during and after the video conference. (Yes, you can listen after a video conference – the difference between hearing and listening is the action you take) 

The guide includes an extensive countdown timer checklist, practical and pragmatic listening techniques.  

This is NOT a Technology Guide to video conferences 

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