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90 Day Deep Listening Program

Take a deep dive with your team to initiate deep listening, then follow through with individual and team-based accountability plans. This program does the groundwork for sustained high performance by listening on all levels and embedding change for the long term.  

What does the 90-Day Deep Listening Program offer?

Communication isn’t just about what you say, it is 50% speaking and 50% listening. Most programs about effective communication focus on speaking with influence and leading change by setting a compelling vision, yet over 93% of change initiatives fail. There is a missing ingredient – leaders who listen.

Only 2% of leaders have ever received any training on how to listen.

However, leaders typically spend 64% to 83% of their day listening. The more senior your role, the more critical listening is to your career progress.

If communication is 50% speaking and 50% listening, why is listening NEVER taught in leadership training programs?

It’s like teaching a leader to run with only their right leg. It’s unbalanced and it’s exhausting running around in circles frustrated that you have made no progress.

This program offers an organisational feedback tool that listens to what is said and creates systems and process to capture what is unsaid – internally and externally. It enables key leaders within an organisation to continue to drive Deep Listening as a cultural tenet for the organisation.

Minimum group: 6-8 participants.

Optimum team group: 30-50 participants.

Organisational version completely customisable for all group sizes and can be delivered simultaneously for up to 1,000 participants


There are three key stages to the program


The first step is a research-based approach to gather and decipher organisational feedback.


The survey feedback is weaved into the Deep Listening sessions with Oscar and gives each individual powerful tools and methods to enact change in a way that is cohesive within the organisation.


Knowing what you, your team and your organisation need to do is NOT enough. You need from knowing to doing. You need to create sustainable, long term commercial impact. The embedded daily and weekly practice of what you learn creates a return on investment beyond the workshop.

Key Components

  • Gathering of organisation-wide feedback on barriers to listening with a report on the research findings
  • Delivery of multiple half day workshops or full-day workshops, regular online meetings and the team or organisation to understand barriers and breakthroughs
  • Two executive face-to-face coaching sessions (individual or group)
  • Support for key leaders on how to listen and engage teams with the content via internal enterprise social media platforms and other one-to-many methods of communications
  • Evaluation and measurement integrated into employee and customer engagement reports

What others say….

 “Oscar role modelled for our leaders the impact that world-class listening can make. It’s by far the most commented-on professional development exercise in my decades of corporate experience.”

~ Jane Murray, Estia Health

 Oscar gave us the ammunition of deep listening to take back into the workplace. Oscar provides inspiration, clarity and definitely an element of difference.”  

~ Debbie Ireland, Managing Director, ShareThePoint Ltd. 


“Oscar was thoroughly entertaining and engaging. We were engrossed and left feeling illuminated with a whole new level of awareness for us and our customers.”  

~ Eileen Puse, Qualtrics Asia Pacific & Japan