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  • Express-Data
    Oscar recently presented to the Express Data management team regarding future trends in ICT.
    Oscar challenged the team and was extremely thought provoking. It really was an inspiring presentation.
    Most importantly, Oscar provided a practical path to some high impact change within our business.
    I highly recommend Oscar as an ICT industry visionary who can provide meaningful insights in technology trends that will assist in shaping your business strategy.
    David Gage, Chief Executive Officer
  • ?????
    Oscar was on a panel at one of our key alumni events.
    His contributions were outstanding; he spoke passionately about the values underpinning his life and his work.
    He spent lots of time with many attendees long after the formal event was complete. Many thanks Oscar!

    — Professor David Wilkinson, Deputy Vice Chancellor
  • telstra_logo
    Oscar did a great job presenting at our Sales Conference.
    He is very professional, relaxed and confident.
    He researched the audience well and his messages hit the mark.

    — Philip Hayes, International Sales & Marketing
  • Microsoft_Logo
    Oscar has a great talent and passion for helping people grow professionally.
    As a mentor, Oscar is open, honest, and constructive; focused on driving tangible outcomes and a practical learning experience.
    Having Oscar as my mentor is a challenging and very rewarding experience.
    His “don’t try — do” approach to goal setting is inspiring and I recommend him as an advisor for anyone serious about professional development.

    — Fallon Cryer, Asia Director Dynamics
  • mlglogo-mlgroup-rgb-large

    Oscar recently came in to Mitchellake to chat to us about leadership, work and life in general. He inspired me greatly, with his attitude and experiences. He’s someone who’s motivated by making those around him better. Which is exactly what he did to us via his talk. Thanks Oscar for the opportunity to work with you, it’s been a great learning experience and a real pleasure.

    — Phaedon Stough, Founder
  • ICommlogo

    Oscar has brought a unique perspective to the way I think and the way I think about my business. Oscar helped me create a clear plan for the future and, more importantly, through my new plan in under 12 months I transformed my business and have created a new way to think about growth for me and my organisation. He is careful to listen and challenges me to be the best I can be.

    — Rob Dell, Managing Director
  • logo@2x

    The day Oscar decided to ‘formally’ share his extensive wealth of knowledge, experience and humanity through professional coaching, was a great day for everyone in his professional circle! His ability to quickly delve to the heart of a challenge, and then match that challenge with your inner skills is astounding. In a few short exchanges, he turned the illogical into the obvious.

    — Roger Marshall, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific
  • OPenTextLogoWS

    I can’t recommend Oscar highly enough for his role as a coach and mentor. Oscar offered a framework and guided me through a process that resulted in my reengineering my own future. I am enjoying a new career direction and have a far healthier, more balanced lifestyle. The impact of Oscar’s work is also evident in my new approach to the leadership role I have undertaken. Building strategy and business plans is one element of business change, but successful leadership comes through building teams that embrace and drive business change.

    — Paul Scanlan, ANZ Sales Director

    what others say

  • Microsoft_Logo

    Oscar is an amazing mentor and inspiration to those who are lucky enough to work with him. He has a profound ability to foster potential and understand and play to an individual’s strengths. Personally, Oscar has given me confidence in my abilities and accelerated my level of skill development by consistently challenging my perceptions and expectations.

    — Leigh Cresswell, Worldwide Education Business Manager
  • pandoro
    Oscar is widely acknowledged and respected for his integrity, clarity and ability to drive cross group collaboration.
    The tone and manner in which Oscar conducts his business makes him remarkable. I could not possibly recommend Oscar more highly.

    — Jane Huxley, Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand
  • google
    Oscar exemplifies professionalism.
    His manner, approach and follow up are exemplary.
    His style of communication is consistent with this and he is held up as a role model for these traits within the business.

    — Kevin Ackhurst, Managing Director, Google for Work ANZ
  • cisco

    I worked closely with Oscar for several years. He is professional, diligent, and proactive, has a strong work ethic and brings a wonderful ability to think through issues, concepts and ideas with a 360-degree view. Whilst I no longer work directly with Oscar, he is a strong mentor for me, providing support and guidance.

    — Vikki Morris, Partner Strategy
  • veda-logo-380x159
    Wanting to change my approach to some things in order to move forward both personally and professionally, I worked with Oscar over a six-month period. I didn’t anticipate discovering that really the changes needed were small (but subtle).
    I think that Oscar contributed enormously to helping me see the way forward — all done in a non-intrusive way. He was able to see the organisational context I was working in pretty quickly and with some very powerful questions/active listening held a “mirror up” for me to see things more clearly.
    He steered me to developing the plan of action and setting some realistic (but challenging goals).
    You will find Oscar to be very discreet with great intelligence and integrity.

    — Ann Quarmby, General Manager Service Delivery

Are you struggling to inspire and lead your organisation?
Do you feel like you’re at a crossroads and don’t know your next move?
Are you sensing there’s more to life, but just don’t know how to tap into your potential?

Oscar Trimboli has 30 years’ experience in bringing out the best in senior executives and next generation leaders.

Leaders seek Oscar’s help when they feel frustrated with their organisations’ results and their own performance. They’re drowning in information and feel stressed, time poor and swamped by their day-to-day workload. Past beliefs, assumptions and decisions are no longer serving them and they need a different way to think, a fresh perspective, renewed focus and energy.

Leaders that work with Oscar say they soon learn to think with laser-sharp focus and clarity. As they become more self-aware and experience greater personal alignment with who they really are, they gain a clear perspective, deeper understanding and a true grasp of their purpose and legacy. Clients say Oscar quickly takes them from feeling disoriented and confused, to feeling energised and ready to create their legacy.

Are you feeling?

  • Frustrated — Are old decision-making processes less relevant to your world of work? Are you wondering where to from here? How?
  • Time poor — Too much to do in too little time? Unable to prioritise and feel paralysed?
  • Stressed — Desperately want to change and take action, but have no idea where to start?
  • Untapped potential — Do you sense you could do and be so much more, but don’t know how?

These are some of the key areas where Oscar has guided his clients — maybe he could help you too.

Contact Oscar today to find out how you can discover a new way of thinking that will get you to reach the clarity, insights and goals you truly want to achieve to become an impactful leader. Or learn more at Working With Oscar and About Oscar.

What changes are you grappling with?
What results would you love to achieve?
Are you ready to gain clarity to achieve your goals?


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