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90 Day Deep Listening Challenge

Are you ready to take the 90 day listening challenge?

Enter your details and you will be guided through the process of being an unconscious listener to a Deep Listener – making a bigger impact.

Each week for 13 weeks you will receive tips, techniques and exercises to improve your listening

What is poor listening costing you, your team, your organisation and your impact?

Do you rush from meeting to meeting, your head buried in the last conversation you had, without time to think of the next?

Or feel frustrated with unproductive discussions where the loudest in the room adds limited insight and drowns out everyone else?

Have you ever worked furiously on a project, only to find out you have delivered something that didn’t meet your client’s needs?

We often think of these situations as communication problems; that we have not spoken our needs correctly or clearly. Yet, conflict, chaos and confusion such as these are the costs of not listening.

It’s likely you have been trained to ask the right questions of your customers, but you don’t know how to listen to the answers.

You’ll learn to reconnect with your innate gift of deep listening.

This 13 week challenge will give you the tools and techniques to:

  • create the right space to listen to yourself first, before you try and listen to anyone else
  • understand and use the 125–400 Rule to facilitate powerful two-way dialogue
  • improve meetings, conversations, briefings and consultations because you can listen deeply
  • use 5 Levels of Listening to maximise the impact of every conversation you have everyday.

Deep Listening will help you move from confusion and conflict to thoughtful, insightful and powerful discussions that will transform not just your work, but your whole life.