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The Villains of Listening Research

Listening is situational and relational

You listen differently to your parent’s than the police or politicians. 

Think of the worst listener you know. Think of the last time you spoke to them. Now think of them through the perspective of the Four Villains of Listening. 

1. The Dramatic Listener – You love creating drama and exploring every element of the discussion. Rather than helping the speaker progress, you get stuck in the detail and dissecting the historical events and patterns that have led you to the discussion. You are so engrossed and engaged in the story that you become completely preoccupied in the theatre of the drama.

2. The Interrupting Listener – Youre so focused on finding a solution to the problem that you finish the speaker’s sentences for them. You feel they are moving too slowly in describing the issue, so you listen with the intent of solving, rather than their intent of being curious. You interrupt and interject, creating all kinds of confusion. You are busy solving problems the speaker hasn’t yet verbalised.

3. The Lost Listener – You’re in your own mind rather than in the conversation. You are so absorbed with your self-talk you don’t create enough space for the dialogue to land in your mind, you are so busy thinking about your last thought or your next thought that you can’t focus on the discussion. You are lost before you even turn up. 

4. The Shrewd Listener – Youre too busy trying to solve the issue before listening to the explanation. You might be shrewd enough to wait patiently and not interrupt the speaker, but you are anticipating the future, trying to solve the problem before you’ve heard it or understood it all. You have forgotten to be present and to listen completely.

In this download you can uncover the insights from new research revealing the key barriers to listening and tips to help overcome these challenges before, during and after the conversation.



    Now you’ve read the research, are you ready to discover what type of listener you are?

    Villains of Listening Quiz

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