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Over 33,158 workplace listeners have discovered their listening barriers and reduced the number of meetings and shortened meetings that they attend.

Thanks for taking the time to invest in your listening capability.​

The Deep Listening Quiz​ will help you identify your Listening Villains, and provide you with a clear understanding of your number one listening barrier.

It takes around 7 minutes to complete.​

The quiz is designed to explore your listening in the workplace – in organizational and business situations.

When you complete the assessment, you will discover your Primary Listening Villain

Why complete the Listening Quiz?

Consider this:

  • Everyone can see in colour, yet we all listen in monochrome.​
  • You spend 55% of your day listening, yet only 2% of people know how to listen.​
  • The Cost of Not Listening is confusion, conflict, and chaos.​


Additional resources you can access is a 5-page personalized Deep Listening Report.

In this report, you will learn about

  1. When you apply the recommendations from this report, you will gain 1 hour a week back in your schedule
  2. A detailed explanation of your primary and secondary listening barriers based on your quiz results.
  3. 3 tailored tips to improve your primary listening barrier
  4. One additional tip to make progress on your secondary listening barrier
  5. Access to the Deep Listening Ambassadors Community, a monthly webinar where you can practice your workplace listening with like-minded professionals


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