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Working with Oscar brings results that are beyond expectations. I find that Oscar challenges me and confronts me. He has this intuitive ability to ask the question that needs to be asked instead of the question that I think I want to have asked.

Ray Kloss, Marketing Director

I would recommend Oscar to people that are really serious about lifting their performance to the next level.

A lot of people think that’s about working harder or working smarter. It’s none of those functional things. It’s a state of mind.

Paul Scanlan, Sales Director

The qualities that Oscar has that makes him a great coach is that he listens. He doesn’t dictate it to you, he helps you discover yourself.

I think that experience comes in place in the game because he’s just able to steer you in the right direction but he helps you discover what you want to do. The tangible results that I got with working with Oscar was really about clarity and defining the problem. Oscar helped me think through and analyse things.

Cathy Jamieson, Marketing Leader – Telecommunications

Oscar was very adept to understanding where I was at that particular point in time. I think when we started with the sessions, he assessed where I was and would push boundaries relative to those specific situations and I think, if I think about some of the latest sessions where things were a little more confronting and challenging where you. Oscar questioned some of my perspectives on certain things but I felt comfortable but I think the thing for me is how results driven he is every single session that I have been involved with, we would discuss it, set objectives. I felt that I walked away feeling like I had more clarity, that I had better direction but also that I had something to work on which was completely measurable.

Warren Billington, Managing Director Technology

In working with Oscar, I was trying to figure out how better communicate the benefits that my function delivers to the business.

How to better influence stakeholders that were in far long locations nowhere near Australia and ensure that they understood some of the pin points felt in the market locally.

Mallika Sathi, Asia Pacific Product Strategy Financial Services

“Oscar has a great talent and passion for helping people grow professionally. As a mentor, Oscar is open, honest, and constructive; focused on driving tangible outcomes and a practical learning experience. Having Oscar as my mentor is a challenging and very rewarding experience. His “don’t try –do” approach to goal setting is inspiring and I recommend him as an advisor for anyone serious about professional development.”
Fallon Cryer

Asia Director Dynamics, Microsoft

“I can’t recommend Oscar highly enough for his role as a coach and mentor. Oscar offered a framework and guided me through a process that resulted in my reengineering my own future. I am enjoying a new career direction and have a far healthier more balanced lifestyle. The impact of Oscar’s work is also evident in my new approach to the leadership role I have undertaken. Building strategy and business plans is one element of business change, but successful leadership comes through building teams that embrace and drive business change.”
Paul Scanlon

ANZ Sales Director, OpenText

“Oscar is widely acknowledged and respected for his integrity, clarity and ability to drive cross group collaboration. The tone and manner in which Oscar conducts his business makes him remarkable. I could not possibly recommend Oscar more highly.”
Jane Huxley

Managing Director , Spotify

“Oscar did a great job presenting at our Sales Conference. He is very professional, relaxed and confident. He researched the audience well and his messages hit the mark.” 
Philip Hayes

Director, Acumentous

“Oscar gave us the ammunition of deep listening to take back into the workplace. Oscar provides inspiration, clarity and definitely an element of difference.”

Debbie Ireland


“In his own inimitable style, Oscar challenges conventional thinking and provides a common-sense approach to deep listening. He addresses the often-misplaced expectations and insecurities that leaders have, which drive the feeling that we need to do all the talking rather than use smart techniques to listen and engage to provide clarity and direction. This is what will lead to improved understanding, performance and engagement.”

Andy Moffat

Chief People and Culture Officer, TAL Ltd

“Oscar was thoroughly entertaining and engaging. We were engrossed and left feeling illuminated with a whole new level of awareness for us and our customers”.


Eileen Puse


“I thought I was a good listener, until I read Oscar Trimboli’s book ‘Deep Listening: Impact beyond words’. Like any good book, it has challenged me, and highlighted opportunity for me to build my skill further! Imagine a world where everyone cared about deep listening … I would like to live in that world. Wouldn’t you?”
Corinne Armour

Fearless Leadership

By reading this book you will learn how to create trust and authentic action from those around you, which will be crucial for future business success

Donna Adam

Gener Manager, Hachiko

Oscar’s profound understanding of listening is so clearly demonstrated in this book. I had so many “aha!” moments. I realised I need to make more time to build a foundation for listening and embrace the pause moments because that is where you can really hear what another person is truly saying (and not saying!).
Jane King

Group Director of Marketing, Val Morgan

” Oscar identifies the behaviours we all need to practice to be effective communicators, leaders and influencers – it’s the lost art of listening.”

Dominic Price

Head of R&D and Work Futurist, Atlassian

Unlike our other senses, listening is collaborative. It’s an act of sharing and a powerful means to create and reach different and more ambitious outcomes than those allowed by staying within our own thoughts. Oscar doesn’t allow us to blame chatter and endless noise as reasons behind our choosing not to listen. He simply reminds us how, why and what might happen when we do listen deeply.

John Keith

Managing Director, BNP Paribas

Transformational. Oscar has the ability to subtly and wisely uncover and identify actions that any business and life leader needs to practice more
Lucio Ribeiro

Managing Director, Online Circle Digital

“Oscar Trimboli has help so many Australian business leaders become better leaders. In his latest book, he covers a topic that is so very important – deep listening. In today’s crazy busy 24/7 world, we as leaders need to learn the skill of listening deeply to conversations. One key points from the book that resonated with me was the 125/400 rule – our ability as humans to speak at 125 and listen at 400 words per min. The way I interpret this is 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason. To be a success leader, we MUST listen more and listen deeply. This is just small glimpse of what is covered in this excellent book.”

Lyndall Spooner

Managing Director, Fifth Dimension

Oscar has identified the critical skill executives need to lead effectively, but which is often forgotten in a world where our attention span is defined by 140 characters. Deep listening creates trust and authentic action for leaders at all levels and is crucial to the development and retention of talent. This is a highly valuable book.

Martin McKay

Senior Vice President EMA , Proofpoint

Deep Listening brings into sharp focus how we can gain a much clearer understanding of issues and people – simply by employing the techniques that Oscar clearly and simply lays out.
Mimi Fleming

Senior Manager - Content, Disney Streaming Services

“Epictetus told us that we have one mouth and two ears so that we can listen twice as much as we speak, yet most us need to be taught how to do this. Deep listening does this and more! You will uncover invaluable advice on how to listen effectively to what is being said, and, more importantly, what is unsaid. A must read for anyone wanting to be a better employee, leader, partner or friend.”

Nicki Luther

Senior HR Business Partner, Stryker

As a self-confessed talker, learning the skill of deep listening has proved hard, but absolutely invaluable. It is the game changer that turned me from a manager into a leader. Shutting my mouth was only step one. Oscar’s book pushed me to quieten my mind and really listen. It’s transformed the way I communicate.

Pia Coyle

National Head Of Investment, Ikon Communications

All decision makers out there, listen up! This is the sound of change we’ve been longing to hear. Oscar clearly explains how listening between the noise can be a critical advantage.
Sergio Brodsky

Head of Strategy & Innovation, Nunn Media

“It’s books like these that make you stop and think. Oscar does a brilliant job of challenging the way you traditionally think – about yourself, different situations and others – all with relevant and practical examples. It’s a book I will certainly read over and over again. Highly recommended!”

Sharon Lewis

Strategy & Marketing Director, Rebel and Soul

What struck me is that the ability to listen, to really listen, just needs you! There is real leadership strength in paying attention and responding appropriately.

Shelley Hudson

Executive General Manager - Organisational Development, Commonwealth Bank

In today’s “attention economy” of endless notifications and ubiquitous connectivity, the ability to choose where and when we expend our precious resource is more important than ever. Oscar’s work recognises the impact of attention in creating connection and impact. This book provides valuable insights and simple techniques to begin our own journeys toward deep listening.
Tracey Moore

Director, Xero

“Insightful, practical and timely. Oscar gets to the heart of what is holding many back; how do we listen and importantly, ask the right questions, rather than feeling compelled to know the answers all the time. A great tool for leaders in these hectic times”

Zoey Saunders

Marketing Director, Lion

Having Oscar open our event was the best decision we made. We arrived in a state of hype, manic energy and rush and were guided to a space of being open, curious, listening, leaning forward, engaged.” 

Jason Fox

Motivational Speaker, Jason Fox

“If you want to do an event that has people more curious, more empathetic, more attuned to the deeper messages and not just rushing from superficial quick tips but really asking the deep questions, bring Oscar into the mix.”

Jason Fox

Motivational Speaker, Jason Fox

“Oscar is the antidote to the motivational rah-rah keynote. He opened our team conference with an amazing session that helped our team to build the foundational skills of listening. It transformed the state of the room and how we work together since.”

Jane Murray

Chief People Officer, Estia Health

“Oscar gives teams the awareness and skills to have real conversations through Deep Listening. The way that Oscar has helped our team to listen has led to sustained results that have stood the test of time.”

Erin Cramlet

Senior Director, Stryker

“It’s a rare skill to hold the attention of our whole organisation after a full day of training. Oscar captivated, educated and challenged us
Robin Tang

Brother Australia