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Podcast Episode 013: World class educator John Corrigan explains how to help children learn to listen. Learn the impact of your listening effective when you notice the familiar and the different

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World class educator John Corrigan explains how to help children learn to listen. Learn the impact of your listening effectiveness when you notice the familiar and the different.

John Corrigan is a world-class thought leader in education. John is an expert at listening in many dimensions, but the most powerful is as an educator. Today, we have a powerful conversation about helping children to focus and listen, not only during school  but for the rest of their lives.  I also share a fascinating lecture on effective listening and children.

John is the founder and Principal of Group 8 Education. He specializes in helping individuals increase their effectiveness in the world around them. The steps involved include shifting our attention to rewire our brains, focusing on the wellbeing of others, and leading teams to empower and transform. John has used his education and background to implement change management in organizations and help education shape our capacity to engage in the world around us.


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  • John grew up in Manchester and his father was a headmaster at a school.
  • John got a degree in mathematics, then joined the parachute regiment, he then became a wireline logging engineer in South America and around Europe.
  • His thoughts about listening began to emerge as he was trying to learn French.
  • He learned Spanish in South America.
  • When he moved to Italy he focused on listening intently when Italian people spoke. This actually worked and he was able to learn Italian.
  • When he listened he tried to identify the 400 main words of the language.
  • He picked up the gestures and face expressions while listening intently.
  • He pays attention to everything and his full attention is on the other person.
  • Looking at someone’s eyes can help focus attention.
  • John moved to Sydney and started working in a change management program.
  • Then he worked for an environmental group.
  • He wanted to work in social change and stumbled upon education as his calling.
  • An extraordinary teacher who understands how to listen can impact a child for their entire life.
  • By listening fully I was able to encourage my son to modify his behavior for success in school and life.
  • Listening by paying full attention. This makes the speaker feel you care about them and they should care about you in their response.
  • Using the familiar form of listening. To learn language effectively use the seeking difference mode.
  • Our brains aren’t fully developed until our twenties.
  • The childhood mind is based on the more primitive parts of the brain.
  • The adult mind is based on the whole brain and is self aware and can manage impulses.
  • Three phases of education models. Education leads the child out of the childhood mind to the adult mind.
  • Allowing the childhood mind to exist in parallel with the emerging adult mind.
  • The childhood mind fades away and a young adult emerges.
  • Asking different questions based on the model.

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