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Deep Listening: Impact Beyond words – Paperback book & Practice cards

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For maximum impact, invest in the book and playing cards bundle.

This card game will help individuals and teams learn to listen deeply and make an impact beyond words.

You can use the cards in three ways:

  1. improving your individual skills as a listener
  2. playing with one other person to practise your listening skills
  3. using the cards in a group or training session to enhance everyone’s listening

You’ll be taken through the 5 levels of listening, with a concept, explanation, tip and question to explore for each. Includes instructions.

“Listening, unlike other senses is necessarily collaborative, an act of sharing and so a powerful means to create and reach materially different and more ambitious outcomes than those allowed simply by staying within our own thoughts. Oscar doesn’t allow us to blame chatter and endless noise as reasons behind our choosing not to listen. He simply reminds us how and why and what might happen when we do listen. “
John Keith – Managing Director – Head of Financial Institutional Coverage at BNP Paribas

This book will give you the tools and techniques to:

  • create the right space to listen to yourself first, before you try and listen to anyone else
  • understand and use the 125–400 Rule to facilitate powerful two-way dialogue
  • improve meetings, conversations, briefings and consultations because you can listen deeply
  • use 5 Levels of Listening to maximise the impact of every conversation you have everyday.

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