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How To Listen In The Workplace

How to listen in the Workplace

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Communication is 50% speaking and 50% listening, yet only 2% of people in the workplace know how to listen.

74.9% of people rate themselves above average or well above average listeners.  This is the first barrier to listening – self-assessment bias.

During the workshop, we will explore how to listen during;

  • One to one meetings
  • Group, team, executive and board meetings
  • Budget setting, restructuring, and business review meetings
  • Audio and video conference

You will learn the Five Levels of Listening including the neuroscience of listening and practical and pragmatic techniques for listening in your workplace.

Understand why it’s more critical and courageous to hear what is unsaid, rather than exclusively focusing on what is said.

When you understand how to listen in the workplace, you we get 4 hours a week back in your schedule because you will be listening to what people mean rather than what they say.

Take the to understand your listening barriers and get a personalised action plan before you attend the workshop

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