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A wonderful way to help teams who feel locked in stalemate or those that are bubbling with conflict. Oscar has the skill to bring people together, transcending differences by using the evidence-based skills of Deep Listening.

Workshop Topics

Workshops start at 90 minutes and can be delivered in a half or a full day. They can be integrated into existing leadership programs or as independent events.

Minimum group: 8 participants. Optimum group: 30-40 participants. Largest group of participants delivered so far in one meeting: 500.

Deep Listening – An Overview

An introduction to the concept of Deep Listening and how poor listening takes its toll – on individuals, teams, customers and organisations. This session gives a foundational understanding of the Deep Listening methodology, leaving participants with skills and awareness to take their listening to the next level.

Deep Listening – A Contact Sport
Using the Deep Listening Playing Cards, attendees immediately practice what they have learned in groups of 2, 3 or 4 participants. Listening is a muscle that can only be improved with real life use, with real play, rather than role play conditions. Participants learn about their listening blind spots from all perspectives: as a speaker, a listener and in the highly effective observer role. 
Deep Listening – Gains are made in games
Ideally suited as a follow-up to Deep Listening – A contact sport workshop, this takes the group through a Deep Listening exercise that illuminates participants’ own listening blind spots through the Four Villains of Listening and how this understanding can guide better listening. 
Individual Deep Listening Action Plan
Each attendee signs up to the 90-day Deep Listening Challenge. A series of simple, actionable steps to move from a distracted listener to a focussed and productive listener. This is delivered through a proven sequence of steps and methodology across all learning modes to build and sustain the skills created during the workshop for 90 days and beyond. 
Team Deep Listening Immersion and Action Plan

The 90-day Deep Listening Leader challenge helps leaders to role model great listening to your team. It provides a series of practical tips to implement during your meetings – one-on-one, team, peer, project, customer and industry. This is delivered through a proven sequence of content across all learning modes to build and sustain the skills created during the workshop.

Uncovering the layers of rational and emotional motivation, this session provides a masterclass in the art of Deep Listening for high impact with your clients and prospects.

What others say….

 “Oscar role modelled for our leaders the impact that world-class listening can make. It’s by far the most commented-on professional development exercise in my decades of corporate experience.”

~ Jane Murray, Estia Health


 “Oscar gave us the ammunition of deep listening to take back into the workplace. Oscar provides inspiration, clarity and definitely an element of difference.”  

~ Debbie Ireland, Managing Director, ShareThePoint Ltd.


“Oscar was thoroughly entertaining and engaging. We were engrossed and left feeling illuminated with a whole new level of awareness for us and our customers.” 

~ Eileen Puse, Qualtrics Asia Pacific & Japan