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Oscar gave me one or two insights that just made sense of everything, and also eased the anxiety and just brought me clarity. That really surprised me, that he got the industry I’m in but has never ever, to my knowledge, ever worked in the advertising or media industry.

– Nik Robinson, Owner Advertising Agency

Working with Oscar brings results that are beyond expectations. I find that Oscar challenges me and confronts me. He has this intuitive ability to ask the question that needs to be asked instead of the question that I think I want to have asked.

Ray Kloss, Marketing Director

I would recommend Oscar to people that are really serious about lifting their performance to the next level.

A lot of people think that’s about working harder or working smarter. It’s none of those functional things. It’s a state of mind.

Paul Scanlan, Sales Director

The qualities that Oscar has that makes him a great coach is that he listens. He doesn’t dictate it to you, he helps you discover yourself.

I think that experience comes in place in the game because he’s just able to steer you in the right direction but he helps you discover what you want to do. The tangible results that I got with working with Oscar was really about clarity and defining the problem. Oscar helped me think through and analyse things.

Cathy Jamieson, Marketing Leader – Telecommunications

What surprised me most is probably how uncomfortable I felt when we dug into some challenges

Oscar has that amazing ability to really drill in. I felt really uncomfortable about it but then I thought about it, but then he also had the ability to pull it out and to turn that around to make a positive and to really get a result from it.

I found that quite unique and quite amazing.

Anthony Long, Chief Financial Officer Technology

When I first got engaged with Oscar, we were kind of stuck in a rut. We were doing fairly new things in the industry but we were bringing old world principles to them. We flipped the way we thought.

We’ve gone from being a services organisation where we delivered professional services at a price to being a price-per-user-per-month organisation. Our valuation, to give you an idea, has multiplied ten times from when I first met Oscar.

Nick Beaugeard, Founder Technology Start-up and Entrepreneur

Oscar was very adept to understanding where I was at that particular point in time. I think when we started with the sessions, he assessed where I was and would push boundaries relative to those specific situations and I think, if I think about some of the latest sessions where things were a little more confronting and challenging where you.

I felt that I walked away feeling like I had more clarity, that I had better direction but also that I had something to work on which was completely measurable.

Warren Billington, Managing Director Technology

In working with Oscar, I was trying to figure out how better communicate the benefits that my function delivers to the business.

How to better influence stakeholders that were in far long locations nowhere near Australia and ensure that they understood some of the pin points felt in the market locally.

Mallika Sathi, Asia Pacific Product Strategy Financial Services

 “Oscar role modelled for our leaders the impact that world-class listening can make. It’s by far the most commented-on professional development exercise in my decades of corporate experience.”

 Jane Murray, Estia Health

 Oscar gave us the ammunition of deep listening to take back into the workplace. Oscar provides inspiration, clarity and definitely an element of difference.”  

Debbie Ireland, Managing Director, ShareThePoint Ltd

“Oscar was thoroughly entertaining and engaging. We were engrossed and left feeling illuminated with a whole new level of awareness for us and our customers.”  

Eileen Puse, Qualtrics Asia Pacific & Japan

Oscar is an accredited supervisor of executive and team coaches. His typical assignment is with executives who are looking to achieve significant and systemic change for them and their organisation over a 12 to 36-month period.

In working with leaders on these assignments, Oscar’s focus with the leader and their teams to create an impact faster and more sustainably. Oscar is very focused on the alignment of an organisation’s strategy with the change that the leader and their team is seeking to make.

Oscar’s clients consistently say, “Oscar asks the questions you need to answer as a leader, not the questions you already know the answer to”. Clients appoint Oscar because he has led significant change in his past executive roles.

This isn’t a theoretical exercise for Oscar. He has sat in your seat, and probably in your role.


Oscar’s commits deeply to 8 executive coaching clients during a 12 month period. If you would like to explore making a systemic and sustained impact for you, your team and your organisation

Fees for working one-on-one with Oscar are $35,000* for 6 months and $85,000* for 12 months