The most comprehensive listening book

How to listen discover the hidden key to better communication

how to listen - discover the hidden key to better communication - the most comprehensive book about listening in the workplace

If you want to be heard, you need to know how to listen.​

Communication isn’t all about what you say.​

It’s about what you hear, how you react and respond.​

In short: it’s about how you listen.​

And despite the fact that leaders typically spend upwards of eighty percent of their day listening, only two percent of them have ever had training in how to listen effectively.​

At a time when we are more technologically linked than ever, our conversations have never been more fractured and disconnected—because most don’t know how to truly listen.​

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The Apple-award-winning podcast

Learn from hundreds of the world’s most diverse workplace listeners, including deaf and foreign language interpreters, air-traffic controllers, judges, journalists, hostage negotiators, deaf and blind leaders, musicians, and language experts.

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90-day listening challenge

one email each week to help you to practice and sustain your listening, including:

  • Creating the right space to listen to yourself first, before you try to listen to anyone else
  • Understanding and using the 125/400 Rule and 125/900 Rule to facilitate powerful dialogue
  • Shortening meetings, conversations, briefings, and consultations
  • Using the 5 Levels of Listening to maximize the impact of everyday conversations

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Listening Quiz

The Deep Listening Quiz will help you identify your Listening Villains and provide you with a clear understanding of your number one listening barrier. It takes around 7 minutes to complete.

The quiz is designed to explore your listening in the workplace – in organizational and business situations from the perspective of the English language.

When you complete the assessment, you will discover your Primary Listening Villain

Consider This:

  • Everyone can see in color, yet we all listen in monochrome.
  • You spend 55% of your day listening, yet only 2% of people know how to listen.
  • The Cost of Not Listening is confusion, conflict, and chaos.

Additional resources

You can access is a 5-page personalized Deep Listening Report. In this report, you will learn about

  • When you apply the recommendations from this report, you will gain 1 hour a week back in your schedule
  • A detailed explanation of your primary and secondary listening barriers based on your quiz results.
  • Three tailored tips to improve your primary listening barrier
  • One additional tip to make progress on your secondary listening barrier
  • Access to the Deep Listening Ambassadors Community, a monthly webinar where you can practice your workplace listening with like-minded professionals

Teams and Organizations

If you are a leader of a team, teams, departments, or organizations, you can create a range of cohort-specific listening quiz codes to generate aggregated insights across

  • Teams
  • Departments
  • Locations
  • Countries

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Deep Listening Ambassadors Community

The purpose of the Ambassadors Community is to create 100 million Deep Listeners in the world. The community meets regularly across three time zones to practice:

  • Being a listening role model in your community, rather than a perfect listener
  • Creating a connection with workplace professionals in different industries, professions, countries, and cultures
  • Being better than the last conversation

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The Ultimate Guide to Listening in a Video Conference

Being a meeting host is a unique responsibility. You are expected to create an environment where every participant is engaged and contributing throughout the video conference.

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Deep Listening

A pocket-sized book to improve your workplace listening

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Deep Listening practice cards

These cards will help individuals and teams learn to listen in three ways: individually, in pairs, or in groups.

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Deep Listening: Impact Beyond words – Paperback book & Practice cards
Deep Listening Masterclass Program

For leaders in the workplace who are stuck in back-to-back meetings and are trying to figure out how to get time back in their schedule. Deconstruct how to listen in the eight meetings:

  • Planning
  • Team
  • Performance reviews
  • Progress meetings
  • Professional development
  • Pudget-setting
  • Restructuring,
  • and Employee engagement.

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