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The Ultimate Guide to listening during a Zoom Meeting - Host Edition

The Ultimate Guide for Listening on a Zoom Video Conference – Host Version – Digital Edition Only

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The Ultimate Guide to Listening in a Video Conference

The Ultimate Guide to Listening in a Video Conference

Being a Meeting Host is a unique responsibility. You are expected to create an environment where every participant is engaged and contributing throughout the Video Conference.

As the Host, you are accountable for maximizing the impact of participants, the agenda, and the meeting outcome while juggling with limited connectivity, fragmented attention spans, and participants who might be holding back what they think because of the meeting format.

If your video meetings are

  • disjointed
  • disengaged
  • full of debate, with limited decisions and action
  • repetitive
  • run over time


Over 100 pages, the guide provides specific tips and techniques

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The Ultimate Guide to Listening in a Video Conference is a comprehensive outline for three meeting formats

  • 2 to 3 people   – intimate meetings
  • 3 to 10 people – interactive meetings
  • 20 + people      – broadcast meetings


  • before
  • during
  • and after the meeting

Topics include

    • The science of listening and video conferencing including  the 5 elements of video fatigue.
    • The opportunity created by video conferencing
    • The Five Levels of Listening in a video environment
    • How to effectively navigate the three dimensions of video conference listening – the host, participants and the outcome
    • Techniques to reset the attention of the participants including proven tips and techniques for maintaining the energy, and decision making capacity of the participants.

What an amazing resource! The Guide focuses on practical ways that a Host can increase the effectiveness and impact of Zoom meetings. I like the list of questions that a host can use to increase engagement, especially the specificity of timing in the meeting flow.  Kevin – Georgia

More than a guide to listening – It covers the full cycle of meeting planning, execution, and follow-up.  It is not only beneficial for online meetings via Zoom, but it is also for offline meetings. Rachel – Shanghai

This is fantastic!  Great information, very useful for my work. Everything you wanted to know about listening during Zoom meetings (and things you didn’t even know you need to know). Barbara – New Jersey

Wow! Truly – this is an exceptional guide with SO MUCH insight, not just on how to listen and be an effective Zoom host, even how to use Zoom as a listening tool.  It’s insightful, practical, incredibly tactical, and easy to understand. Everything a guide should be…and then some! – Lindsay – Calgary


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