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Expression of Interest for Pro Bono Executive Coaching with The Marketing Academy Australia

The Marketing Academy is a non-profit and voluntary organisation who develop leadership capability in talented marketers from the Marketing, Advertising and Communications industries through mentoring, executive coaching and experiential learning.

All of The Marketing Academy programmes are provided free of charge to the scholars, thanks to the sponsors.

The Scholarship programme is outlined here.

Turning the marketing talent of today into the leaders of tomorrow

You have arrived here because you are exploring to possibility to contribute your executive coaching expertise to help create the next generation of leaders.


This page is designed to provide you with the background required to make an informed choice about expressing your interest to become an executive coach for The Marketing Academy in Australia.


1. Why coach with The Marketing Academy Australia?
2. Who are The Marketing Academy Australia executive coaches?
3. What is involved in being an Executive coach with The Marketing Academy Australia?
4. How do you express your interest?
5. What are the next steps in the process?

Why coach with The Marketing Academy Australia?

The Marketing Academy Australia provides an opportunity for Executive Coaches to contribute 6 hours of their time (pro bono) to one of Australia’s highest potential marketing leaders. If matched to a scholar, your assignment may provide the opportunity for you to broaden the types of roles, industries or organisations this assignment may provide. For some Executive Coaches it provides the opportunity to work with people where English is a not their home language, work with highly creative or deeply technical leaders.

The opportunity to participate in a community of practice with a broad and diverse range of Executive Coaches. You are invited to participant three time during the program to learn from each other to advance your coaching practice.

The Executive Coaches are invited to attend The Marketing Academy Scholarship Announcement Event in Sydney – a unique networking opportunity to meet Scholar Alumni, Academy Selection Judges, other executive coaches, industry mentors and sponsors.

Coaches are invited participant in the 4 lectures across the 9 months of the programme in Melbourne and Sydney.

Who are The Marketing Academy Australia executive coaches?

The Marketing Academy Australia Executive Coaches represent a broad range of industry and professional backgrounds. Experience with the marketing industry is NOT a prerequisite. Our coaches represent a range of countries including Australia, Egypt, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom.

Most of the Executive Coaches are coach consultants with an independent practice, internal organisational coaches are represented in the coaching community.

Their professional backgrounds are diverse including accounting, arts, engineering, executive leaders, for purpose organisations, general management, human resources, marketing, psychology, sales leaders, technology.

Successful applicants typically bring two decades of work practice and coaching experience.

Here is where you can review our current coaching community

What is involved in being an Executive coach with The Marketing Academy Australia?

All Marketing Academy Coaches must be undertaking professional supervision during this time. If you are not undertaking coaching supervision, we would encourage you to immediately commence supervision prior to expressing your interest.

If selected as an Executive Coach for The Marketing Academy Australia, the expectation is that you will contribute a minimum of 6 hours of Pro Bono Executive Coaching with your matched Scholar between March to October.

Participation and attendance in the three “Community of Practice meetings” or Marketing Academy Lectures are optional.

This a recording a recording of an interview with Belinda Robinson

Belinda is member of The Marketing Academy Executive Coaching Community.

In this 10 minute interview, you will hear from Belinda about what research she did prior to applying, what her coaching experience was like with the Marketing Academy Scholar and the impact this experience on her coaching practice.

being a coach with the Marketing Academy

by Belinda Robinson

This video outlines the coaching experience from the Founder of the Marketing Academy Sherilyn Shackell and some scholars and their experience with their Executive Coaches.

How do you express your interest?

Please take the 10 minutes required to submit your Expression of Interest

You will need to have the following available to submit you Expression of Interest

1. Your professional bio (Minimum 1 page PDF), a photo (head shot JPG)
2. 150 Word Third Person Bio
3. Your LinkedIn URL and website if you have one
4. Your professional development goals

To complete your expression of interest here.

What are the next steps in the process?

1. Watch the briefing video and listen to the interview with Belinda Robinson
2. If you think that this is a good match for your professional development goals, then complete the Expression of Interest
3. You can be expected to be contacted contacted within a week to schedule a 30 minute discussion about your expression of interest.