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Interrupting Listener

The Interrupting Listening Villain is


The well-intended can-do problem solver – insistent talker.


You’re the eager game show contestant who buzzes before the sentence ends and answers the wrong question.

It’s frustrating trying to wait for others to come up to where your mind is at.

You are busy solving problems that the speaker hasn’t yet verbalized or potentially doesn’t even have.

You are so focused on finding a solution to the problem that you will regularly finish the speaker’s sentences for them. You feel they are moving too slowly in describing the issue, so you listen with the intent of problem-solving, rather than the intent of being curious.

When you interrupt and interject, it creates all kinds of confusion. Interrupting listeners are usually frustrated by others’ inability to get to the point or to follow your quick-thinking logic.


Your challenge is listening to what is said AND what remains unsaid.



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**A word of caution – you are NOT your Villain – this is how you listen under pressure